Ed Driscoll


Hugh Hewitt is being rather evasive here; it’s hard to pin down what his take on John Kerry is. While I admire subtlety, the deliberate obfuscation that Hewitt employs makes deciphering his thoughts rather difficult:

He’s a tax-raising, free-spending, marriage ending, war crime alleging, missile defense opposing, North Korean appeasing, Soros-loving, cut-and-running Taxachusetts lefty whose voting record is, according to the gold standard of lefties, the Americans for Democratic Action, to the left of Teddy Kennedy? Do you mean that line of attack? I’m shocked that the Republicans might actually point out that the election of John Kerry would install the hardest left president in American history. I suppose we aren’t supposed to mention the “cash and Kerry” stuff either? Or botox? Or anything about his dreary, endlessly self-serving rewrite of his statements about Vietnam (see below.) Dean excited the GOP because he was a noisy target. Kerry is quieter but much larger. Let the games begin.

They already have. Saturday Night Live’s writers need to start working on “Kerry After Dark” for next season’s November 6th episode. It won’t take much–merely a quick find-and-replace search with Word 2003.

UPDATE: This isn’t helping Kerry, either.