Ed Driscoll


TWENTY, TWENTY, TWENTY FOUR HOURS TO GO, I WANNA BE SEDATED: Mark Steyn writes that “ever since last Monday’s audition for ‘An American Werewolf In Des Moines‘”, Howard Dean has been “in sleep mode”:

”What I’m not is a rock star,” he told Diane Sawyer, as she struggled to stay awake. No, indeed. He’s turned into Perry Como. Not Perry Como sitting in a patterned sweater in a rocking chair singing ”Sleepy Time Gal.” But Perry Como after some shortsighted elephant hunter has fired an extra-strength tranquilizer dart into his butt. Instead of impassioned pleas about taking back the country so everyone has the right to live the American Scream, er, Dream, he talked in a voice so evenly modulated that Diane Sawyer kept dropping in tape of the Howlin’ Howard roar every five minutes like Baron von Frankenstein frantically clamping the electrodes to the monster and getting no response. Sitting next to the Vermonster, for the first time ever on TV, was his wife, Dr. Judith Steinberg. After being absent for months, all of a sudden she can’t leave his side, just in case his medication wears off.

Steyn adds, “Not even Al Gore, in his bewildering array of alternative identities, managed to be both crazy and comatose in the same week”.

UPDATE: Speaking of Dr. Steinberg, Paul Jacob quips, “If a Democrat ends up being the next president of the United States, please let it be Judy Dean”.