Ed Driscoll

GREAT QUOTE by Arnold Beichman,

GREAT QUOTE by Arnold Beichman, a a Hoover Institution research fellow and a columnist for the Washington Times who turned 90 years young in 2003:

How come newspapers have science writers who know some science, and food writers who know something about food, and best of all an M.D. like the New York Times’s Lawrence Altman who can write about medicine with authority? But when it comes to war and terror, anybody and everybody is sent to cover the story with a minimal knowledge of the subject of their assignment. So what do we get ‘human-interest’ stories and dumb ‘gotcha’ questions at headquarters press briefings.

You know, the rudiments of journalism can be learned very quickly, not to mention, on the job. TV shows frequently employ ex-generals when there’s a major conflict. Why can’t newspapers hire ex- or even currently serving military men as well?

You know…like these folks. Or these. Or this fellow?

Just a thought.