Ed Driscoll

PAYTON'S PLACE is apparently with

PAYTON’S PLACE is apparently with the Dallas Cowboys: Don Banks of Sports Illustrated writes:

Dallas Cowboys assistant head coach Sean Payton never received a contract offer to become the Oakland Raiders next head, and on Wednesday the Cowboys announced that Payton will remain with the organization.

As Fanball.com writes:

Only in Oakland. Not only was Payton the only candidate to interview twice with Al Davis, but he fit the Al Davis profile for a new head coach almost perfectly. Apparently, the enigmatic Davis either reversed course at some point or negotiations with Payton’s camp did not proceed well. Either way, we look forward to the fallout from this fiasco, including where Davis turns next to fill the last remaining coaching vacancy.

Of course, as Skip Bayless noted a little while ago, Bill Walsh–tanned, rested, and ready…

UPDATE: Davis gave a lengthy press conference earlier today.