Ed Driscoll


CHARLES JOHNSON WRITES that the media is criticizing the plan by the Coalition Provisional Authority to transmit news footage from Iraq directly via satellite, for use by local media outlets:

So in other words, they admit the media focus on violence and aren’t very interested in the reconstruction of Iraq, but at the same time would also like to reassure us that they’re unbiased. They’ve simply decided what information is appropriate for us to consume. Shh! Relax! Just go back to sleep!

I must have missed the part where the government was planning to force people to watch C-SPAN Baghdad, in Clockwork Orange-style restraint chairs with eyelid clamps. Media elites sure do start to seethe (in their mild-mannered fashion) at the possibility of losing the tiniest bit of control over the information spigot.

It’s hard to see anything wrong with another point of view from Iraq, even if it does come from (horror!) the US government. If people aren’t interested, they won’t watch. What the elites are really worried about is that people will begin making up their own minds.

And we can’t have that, can we?