Ed Driscoll


NEAL O’DONNELL REJOINS TITANS: O’Donnell had been cut before the season because of the salary-cap, but Tennessee needs a QB that’s healthy and knows their system:

Getting O’Donnell back became a necessity after Billy Volek suffered a lacerated spleen in the Titans’ 28-26 victory over Buffalo on Sunday. Rookie Jason Gesser has been the only healthy quarterback, with Steve McNair nursing a cracked bone spur in his left ankle.

The Titans had been working since Tuesday to reach a deal that would make O’Donnell happy and keep the team under the salary cap.

Prior to serving as McNair’s backup in Tennessee, O’Donnell is best known for his role as the Steelers’ QB of the early to mid 1990s, when he led them to four playoff appearances and a Super Bowl appearance.