Ed Driscoll


Shop at Amazon.com Shop at Amazon.com THE REVOLUTION WILL BE DRISCOLL-IZED! While I usually have a few articles in print each month, I haven’t written a flagrantly self-promotional update lately, so here’s a quick round up of the some of the more unusual stuff I have out there right now.

Because the new buzz word du jour is “internationalization”, I have a nifty (if I do say so myself) article on music arranging in this issue of England’s Computer Music magazine, which is available at Borders, and other US book and magazine sellers–or click here to subscribe. The magazine is bundled with a CD-ROM of music programs, samples, loops, and other fun stuff.

And I’m in the debut issue of Servo magazine. (That’s me on the cover, in a rare early-morning photograph.) The article that I mentioned back in August, on the history of robots in the movies is the first cover story of the magazine. I interviewed Don Bies, who operates R2-D2 for LucasFilm, David Gerrold (who created the tribbles of the original Star Trek series, and helped program Mr. Data for The Next Generation), and David Stork, the author of Hal’s Legacy, a book which looked at what it would take to actually build the famous computer of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Finally, I’m writing, two–two–TWO newsletters a month (actually three, because one is bi-weekly) for Electronic House magazine, one on home entertainment, and another on electronic ideas for every room. Click here to subscribe, or to simply read ’em online–they’re free!