Ed Driscoll


I TOOK THE RED PILL LAST NIGHT, and plugged into The Matrix: Revolutions. Much like the previous film, except for the middle sequence (the invasion of Zion), a blow-out, balls-out CGI-gasm of an experience (if totally unnecessary plotwise, as James Lileks pointed out), the film was bad–really bad. Not as bad as The Hulk or Vanilla Sky (to name two recent sci-fi duds), but no great shakes, either. The dialogue is elliptical and nonsensical, and as Jonathan Last notes, the plot totally ignores the questions that the previous film asked.

And Lawrence Fishburn’s Morpheus character is totally wasted–he does little but ride shotgun while others do the dirty work of flying the hovercrafts or exploring the Matrix.

Hard to believe that that much money spent on incredible CGI effects could be coupled with such a lousy script. You’ll go see it–if you haven’t already–because you’ve seen the first two. But trust me: The Matrix: Revolutions and its incredibly lame ending, will leave a bad taste in your mouth.