CALIFORNIA RECALL RECALLED: InstaPundit and National Review Online’s “The Corner” has links and opinion. For the Corner, start here and read up.


UPDATE: Glenn predicts, “Unless there’s some awfully compelling legal principle that’s not making it into the press accounts, I predict a reversal on this one. It’s just too explosive.”

If the US Supreme Court overturns the 9th Circuit, and if Arnold or McClintock wins, it’s an extremely safe bet that we’ll have the tinfoil hat wearing folks on the left making the same arguments they made after the US Supreme Court overturned the rogue Florida Supremes, something along the lines of, “Bush (or “The Republicans” or “the conservative Supreme Court”, or whatever their epithet for the right is) rigged the recall! It’s a conspiracy!”

And I’ll bet the judges on the 9th Circuit know full that’s what will happen. For them, it’s win-win: If Davis stays in power a few more months, or the election is held in October and Bustamante wins, great. Election held in October and Schwarzenegger wins? It’s the eeeeeeevil Republican Supreme Court’s fault!

UPDATE: Here’s a solution that’s so obvious, and so simple, it doesn’t have a prayer of being implemented.


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