Ed Driscoll


WE ARE THE EIGHTIES: Wilson Goode praises President Bush. Err, that is, the ex-Philadelphia Mayor (infamous in the mid-’80s for his role in the MOVE fire) praises George W. Bush’s faith-based initiative:

“What the president has proposed is that faith-based programs have access to funding, that is happening in a way that has never happened before,” Goode told CNSNews.com.

“I think [Bush] has done a good job in leading, I think that he has done a good job in getting the issue out in front of the people. We all are better off because of that,” Goode added.

Goode took part in a panel discussion following Tuesday’s screening of the PBS documentary, God and the Inner City, which was funded by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life and Manifold Productions, Inc.