Ed Driscoll


LOSS OF FUNDING: Steven Den Beste writes that “one of the biggest supporters of the Palestinian Intifada just went bye-bye. Saddam paid $25,000 to the family of every successful suicide bomber to hit Israel, but there was other less public support for the Palestinians, monetarily and in other ways. There’s a good reason that the Palestinians were visibly pro-Saddam during the war; they knew who their friends were.” Den Beste adds:

This week’s victory in Iraq is the most important event in the Israeli-Palestinian struggle in the last 20 years. The chance for peace between them has never been greater. This is actually the best thing that’s happened to the Palestinians in years, even though they don’t think so yet. But it’s going to begin a process leading them to abandon the struggle to try to destroy Israel, and a process of beginning to fundamentally accept that they will have to coexist with Israel. Only then can peace come.

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