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IRAQ'S UN ENVOY says "The game is over", insulting--as only someone trained in the French art of international diplomatic effrontery can--everyone involved on both sides of the war. The writer of this AP article unfortunately doesn't speculate, and apparently didn't even ask the ambassador (who hopefully is now, or shortly will be, an ex-ambassador), what happens to him, now that his boss is no longer in power.

Maybe he and Peter Arnett can team up to write a book on international grooming tips...

UPDATE: I emailed Stephen Den Beste for his take on what will happen to folks like Hussein's ambassador. His response?:

I don't really know the answer. I doubt he'll go on trial, unless there's specific evidence of his complicity in genocide or the like. It isn't a war crime to be a mouthpiece for a corrupt regime.

One thing is, I think, clear: he won't continue to be protected by diplomatic immunity for much longer. I think he'll be informed by the State Department of the date when we won't honor diplomatic immunity for him any longer.

But not quite yet. As long as major combat continues, they won't take that step. Until we control Tikrit and Mosul, the war isn't over.

Fair enough. Thanks Steven! (Posted with his permission.)