Ed Driscoll


LOOKING FOR LINKS ABOUT THE WAR? Steven Den Beste lists his favorite sources, and links to them. Good list to refer, as things heat up. And be sure to check out our links page as well.

Speaking of which, Drudge is reporting that “President Bush will be speak to the nation at 9pm ET…”

UPDATE (7:26 PST): Obviously, Bush went on at 10:15 EST, not at 9:00. And we’ve apparently launched cruise missles–or guided bombs from F-117 stealth fighters at a target–possibly senior Iraqi officials–in Baghdad.

I loved Bush’s lines that “This will not be a campaign of half measures” and that “we will accept no outcome but victory”. In other words–this will not be Vietnam part II.

UPDATE (7:55 PST): Here’s the text of Bush’s speech.

UPDATE: (8:15 PST): Here’s an AP article about the opening salvo.