Ed Driscoll

SMART MOVE: "NYPD on lookout

SMART MOVE: “NYPD on lookout for terrorist takeover of TV outlets“.

There’s a lot of terrorist-bang-for-the-buck that could be obtained through taking over just one studio in a TV facility. (Heck, they’ve already taken at least one Weblog*.) And just as the killing of Daniel Pearl sent shockwaves through the media community–arguably far more than any other single terrorist related death–so could broadcasting 24 hours a day from a TV studio increase what Charles Paul Freund, writing on the day of September 11, 2001, described as “The scale of potential terror [as it] meets the scope of available media“.

And I wonder if the NYPD are just being cautious, or if this is based on information from Khalid Shaikh or one of our other captured terrorists.

(*Yes, I’m joking of course about the blog.)