Ed Driscoll


WELL, YOU KNEW THIS ONE WAS COMING: “Iraqis Call Shuttle Disaster God’s Vengeance”.

Unfortunately (and yes, I know, they’re just the messengers), it’s via Reuters, the “news agency“, and ABCNEWS.com, home of that true friend of Israel, Peter Jennings.

UPDATE: Rod Dreher writes:

Dan Rather quoted a Reuters dispatch, datelined Baghdad, quoting Iraqis saying that the Columbia disaster was a great thing, that Allah was avenging Iraq. It’s probably better not to say what one really thinks when hearing that. But consider this: America and Israel both suffered tremendous shock and loss this morning. Yet it is good to think about the incredible technological and scientific progress made by free men and women in America and Israel, and the ways Americans and Israelis have put that progress to use for the betterment of their peoples, and indeed for all mankind. What Islamic country can make the same boast? What good have Iraqi scientists done for their country, and the world? Many of those states put their technology to use building virtually nothing but instruments of death, war and destruction. By their fruits ye shall know them.