Ed Driscoll

SICK: While Iraq's statement was

SICK: While Iraq’s statement was by far the vilest reaction to come out of Saturday’s tragedy, it wasn’t the only reaction in poor taste. Check out this headline: “Purported Shuttle Debris Offered on eBay“.

Speaking of sick, apparently a fan (or employee) of Howard Stern apparently called CBS, was put through to Dan Rather, clamed that a piece of a piece of shuttle debris had landed in his back yard,but he then realized it was only one of “Ba Ba Booey’s” teeth. (Ba Ba Booey is the nickname for Gary Dell’Abate, Stern’s sidekick, who does indeed have a prominent set of mandibles).

According to this news article, “Sadly, anchor Dan Rather did not at first recognize the cheap joke. But Rather overall was not at his best, overemotional and salting his comments with readings from poems like Bivouac of the Dead and Tennyson’s Locksley Hall.”

UPDATE: Eric Lindholm has more on the Howard Stern debacle at Blogcritics.