Ed Driscoll


“BACK AND TO THE LEFT”–Oliver Stone’s new movie is his ultimate conspiratorial fantasy, as he tries to make Fidel Castro look like a good guy. Here’s Page Six of the New York Post:

OLIVER Stone has earned the wrath of many Cuban-Americans by cozying up to Fidel Castro to make “Commandante,” his flattering documentary about the communist dictator. Stone, who lobbed softball questions to Castro and let him come off as a witty charmer, seemed to be gloating at Sundance. “It is amazing,” said one moviegoer. “He sits there and announces that Fidel could at any time say ‘cut,’ and redo any scene that he didn’t think was flattering. The whole movie consisted of Fidel doing p.r. for himself, tossing out jokes and avoiding any questions that would make him admit to any sort of torture or cruelty.” The highlight of the documentary is a scene where Stone expresses amazement that the tyrant had “never seen a psychiatrist.” Stone asks Castro several times about the possibility of his seeing a shrink. Castro finally puts his head in his hands and sighs loudly.

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