Ed Driscoll


THE SUREST SIGN OF A PROPER DOG: AP photo caption reads, “President Bush grabs his dog Barney after it came into the room and frightened area children as Bush participated in the White House children’s story hour, Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2002, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington.”

Barney wouldn’t be a real dog if it didn’t frighten the odd kid. I was so proud of my dog Willie–at age 16 and a half, and only a couple of weeks before we had to put him to sleep, he frightened a little child on a walk. (I don’t know about Barney, but the worst Willie would actually do was lick the kid to death.)

Besides, Barney’s a Republican dog. He’s supposed to scare little kids and old people–it’s in his contract!

(Willie recovering from a run in with a Volkswagon Rabbit at age 2. He lived a long, healthy and incredibly crazed life once the cast came off.)