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"POLITICAL PHYSICS": Matt Drudge has

“POLITICAL PHYSICS”: Matt Drudge has a sneak peak at a New York Times article that says:

“One outside adviser with close ties to the administration said Lott had become a “walking pinata” and that the Mississippi Republican’s departure from the Senate leadership had now become inevitable.

“Political physics has set in — it’s only a matter of time,” the adviser said. “The best scenario is for Lott to come to the obvious conclusion himself and avoid a painful confrontation.”

The article says, “Another sign of Lott’s growing political problems were private discussions among some of his colleagues to find an alternative position for Lott, other than his current leadership role. Such a position, such as a committee chairmanship, might help keep him from resigning his seat in the event he is dislodged as leader, the paper claims in its lead story.”

But if he does resign, Jonah Goldberg has details on how Lott’s successor would be picked.

I didn’t–couldn’t–watch Lott on BET. But from everything I’ve read, it sounds like Lott did an excellent Gary Condit impersonation.