Ed Driscoll


ANATOMY OF A SLUR: How The New York Times smeared potential Alan Greenspan replacement Robert McTeer.

As Rod Dreher writes on The Corner on National Review Online, “now that Howell Raines’ New York Times has joined in the smear campaign, poor McTeer may be considered too politically tainted to be considered for the job. I hope not. This is a good fight for conservatives to have. Stein said nothing wrong. We have got to end this damnable situation, aided and abetted by the media, whereby a man may be adjudged guilty of racism simply because someone, somewhere, decided to be offended by his words, regardless of their actual content.”

Bush could go far to break the backbone of political correctness by nominating McTeer and fighting for him, as Greenspan’s successor, when Greenspan’s inevitable retirement occurs in the next few years.