Ed Driscoll


MY KIND OF RANT: I’ve always thought political bumper stickers were silly, long before I moved to the Bay Area, where every other car has a bumper sticker exclaiming their political views and issue du jour (by the way, do you really want to admit that your politics can be filtered down to a bumper sticker slogan?). “Big Arm Woman”, stuck behind “a 40 year old Toyota that seemed intent on violating every emissions standard EVER. Pasted to the back of this charming vehicle was a red bumper sticker with a heart motif and white writing which read, ‘Better a bleeding heart than none at all.'” has unloaded a 64oz economy size can of whoop-ass in her blog:

Listen to me, you tin-headed little s**t. You are not my moral superior because you ooze emotion over every single example of unfairness on the planet. In fact, you are the opposite, because you obviously lack the judgement necessary to make the tough decisions which will result in material aid to the disadvantaged. I’m sure it makes you feel fabulous to wail, moan and gnash your teeth about environmental injustice while you drive the Pollution-mobile, but I don’t see your ass biking to work every morning to spare us your greenhouse gases–the very ones that are now filling my vehicle. The fact that you have bought into the idea that empathy is an either/or enterprise doesn’t fill me with optimism about your reasoning skills, either. Either a bleeding heart or none at all, eh? Ummm, no, you freaking moron. The application of logic to emotionally charged issues isn’t easy, but it is necessary, and a little more effective than that glib slogan on sticky paper that appears to be holding your vehicle together. You suck.

There’s more–click on over to read it. Not exactly a level of invective I can work myself up into on a regular basis, but the sentiment is very much appreciated.

(Link found via Joanne Jacobs.)