Ed Driscoll


WEASEL WORDS: MSNBC backs out from calling Little Green Footballs racist and hateful. Or do they? That’s the beauty of weasel words, as Mark Steyn illustrates in his letter to MSNBC in support of LGF.

Of course, there’s another byproduct of all of this: quite frankly, I had never heard of MSNBC’s Weblog coverage before their attempt to slander LGF. Now they’re all over InstaPundit, LGF, and other blogs that I read. Of course, with this kind of gutless reporting, I doubt I’ll be going back to them very often.

UPDATE: For some background on Charles Johnson, the man behind LGF, check out this post by Eric Olsen on Blogcritics.

ANOTHER UPDATE: ScrappleFace reports that other bloggers have been begging MSNBC, “smear me, too!”