Ed Driscoll


HUH? YOU WANT A SECOND SNIPER? I’m not sure if get this quote by Montgomery County Executive Douglas Duncan, as found in this AP report on the latest shooting in the Washington DC area:

The shooting occurred about 8:15 p.m. Over 100 law enforcement officials were scouring the area for clues, Deane said. Authorities blocked off several streets around the gas station and interviewed witnesses.

“At this point, we cannot say if this case is related to those shootings,” Deane said at a news conference early Thursday.

Maryland investigators went to the scene of the killing because of similarities with the previous shootings, according to Montgomery County Executive Douglas Duncan.

“Everything is very similar,” he said, adding: “Let’s hope this is not it.”

What does “Let’s hope this is not it” mean? Does this mean that Duncan wants there to be a second shooter? Wouldn’t that just compound his problems? Or did the reporter mistype his quote–or am I misreading it?