Ed Driscoll

CHAOS: That's what John Podhoretz

CHAOS: That’s what John Podhoretz says the Democratic Party is in right now:

There is no other word for it. The Torch’s vanishing act was only the latest piece of bad news for a party that ought to be sitting very pretty with only 36 days to go before a midterm election.


Podhoretz adds,

Over the past week, a powerful image of the Democratic Party has begun to be fixed in the American mind. We all watched as Al Gore, Tom Daschle and Ted Kennedy waged a friendly competition about who could be more critical of a popular president when it came to that popular president’s foreign policy and handling of the war on terrorism.

This is not where the Democrats should be five weeks before the November elections. They’re not all unethical, and they’re not anti-war for the most part. But that’s politics for you.

It’s a great article. Go check it out.

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