Ed Driscoll


MY KIND OF MULTICULTURALISM: We took friends staying with us for a few days to Sushi Expo in San Jose. Ala The Blues Brothers, I’ve taken to calling it “Bob’s Country Sushi Bunker”.

What an astonishing restaurant–the menu is the usual sushi, sashimi and tempura fare, but the music is strictly country and western. The two young girls sitting next to us were Jennifer Lopez clones. A large plastic James Brown doll stared back at us from the bar. Regular patrons have their own deluxe chopsticks, kept behind the bar. (The oddest touch? The sushi, prominently displayed on little boats that run through a water-filled track at the bar, is individually wrapped in cellophane. Safe sushi is apparently their motto.)

We once met the winner of a Kenny Rogers look-a-like contest (no really!) there.

And he did have his own chopsticks.