Ed Driscoll


THE SCENE, ONE YEAR LATER: As I’ve written before, Virginia Postrel’s “The Scene” Weblog was a real lifeline for news and information on 9/11 for my wife and I. When the servers of traditional news sites (CNN/Fox/NYT/WP and even Drudge) were overloaded from hits, Postrel’s Weblog stayed up, and she kept updating it like clockwork.

Here’s a link to her site’s posts one year later.

(In case you’re wondering, on 9/11 of last year, I was aware of Glenn Reynolds, because about a week before, he happened to have linked to one of my articles from National Review Online, but I didn’t yet have the “click on InstaPundit ever five minutes” habit that I’ll bet you’ve since developed as well. And Postrel site, thanks to its link on the Reason magazine Web site, had been a regular stop for me since about ’97 or ’98. I had even interviewed her about The Future and its Enemies back in May of 2000.)