Ed Driscoll


While I didn’t have a Weblog on 9/11, I was just transitioning from writing lots of material on dead tree, to beginning to also write material specifically for the Web. Here’s an essay I wrote mostly to have a permanent record of what that day was like for my wife, my friends (one of whom works a block away from the WTC) and myself.

Here’s my Alvin Toffler interview from about a week later. It ran in early October in Catholic Exchange.

Here’s my essay from National Review Online on the stock market reopening.

Here’s my essay from Spintech on how Weblogs came of age on that terrible day.

UPDATE: Here’s a transcript of the phone call from “Group Captain Mandrake” that began our day one year ago. Much like the way Stephen Green began his.

9/11/05 Update: Welcome PoliPundit readers. Just to add to the above list, be sure and check out a piece I wrote for Tech Central Station that ran on 9/11/02, on what it was like at Moody’s Investors Service (the bond rating firm) on that day the year before, and immediately thereafter. Their offices are only about a block away from the WTC; a friend who works there allowed me to tour them at the beginning of October, 2001, when the area was still cordoned off to the public, and covered with dust, debris and rubble. While the Moody’s building itself was unscathed, I’ll never forget the inch of light gray dust from the blasts on 9/11, which covered everything inside. More importantly, I’ll also never forget seeing the nearby crater of twisted steel and brown mud, its 16-acre size dwarfing the construction equipment moving within and still trying to clean up the aftermath.

Also, this post on “The Copperhead Conjunction” from September 11th of 2003 is well worth revisiting–not for what I wrote, but for the thoughts of the men I linked to, including two named James–Taranto and Lileks.