Ed Driscoll


MAYOR MOONBEAM VISITS JOHANNESBURG is the subject of this CNSNews.com article, which features this quote, putting Jerry Brown (the mayor of Oakland, California) in perfect context:

A British author critical of the Green movement, Professor Philip Stott, said Brown’s anti-development views, as relayed to him, can be likened to Marie Antoinette’s reported response when she was told the French peasants had no bread to eat: “Let them eat cake.”

Because the reporter dared question Brown’s rococco environmentalism, he quotes Brown as actually asking him, “Are you with [Lyndon] LaRouche?”

Chris Horner of the free market advocacy group, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, was not surprised that Brown would assume that any reporter who challenged modern environmental thinking must be “cult-related.”

“It shows how little if any critical media presence exists. When non-softball questions are posed, the reporter is immediately presumed to be a conspiracist or cult-related,” Horner said.

I wonder if Brown was ever asked about the amount of resources wasted by the summit itself?