Ed Driscoll


WATCHING THE NUTS: A big chunk of my business and wife’s is done via telecommuting. But sometimes you just have to be out in the field. Both yesterday and today, I spent a good hour or more trudging up and down the freeways of San Jose. And both yesterday and today, I saw two different cars with upside down American flags.


In lighter Bay Area nut news, my wife had to be in Oakland this morning for a legal hearing. She passed by the Oakland Coliseum (Ground Zero for the Raider Nation) around 10:30, and noticed several cars in the parking lot with people starting their tailgating party activities for tonight’s Raiders game.

At 10:30 in the morning.

With the Raiders playing pitiful Arizona.

In the friggin’ preseason, for Christsakes!!

These are officially crazed football fans, folks.

They’re nuts. But not as nuts as the upside-down flag folks, and far more benign.