Ed Driscoll


KOREAN AIR JET MAY HAVE NARROWLY MISSED DISASTER ON 9/11: Interesting post on the newly reactivated Sgt. Stryker’s Daily Briefing:

In a nutshell, USA Today is now reporting that on Sept. 11th the crew of a US-bound KAL 747 indicated they were being hijacked. The flight was not only directed to turn away from Anchorage and the Alsaka pipeline oil terminal at Valdez; it was intercepted by Anchorage-based USAF F-15s and forced to land at Whitehorse, Canada. During the time the airliner was inbound to Alaska, civil and federal authorities evacuated hotels and federal offices in downtown Anchorage and ordered tankers in port at Valdez out to sea. Also during this time, military authorities debated asking for permission to turn the Eagles loose to shoot the 747 down.