Ed Driscoll


THE ROLLING LAPTOPS GET THEIR YAH-YAHS OUT: I have a major geek-a-palooza in the August issue of Nuts & Volts, complete with a profile of Evolution Robotics and their two pre-fab commercial robots, and a product review of Line6’s GuitarPort product, which allows electric guitarists to plug their axes into their PC’s USB port, and then simulate the sounds of vintage tube amplifiers (and a lot of other nifty features). It’s also a great interface for recording the guitar via multitrack recording programs.

The Evolution Robotics piece is the centerpiece of a separate, robots only mini-mag that’s bagged with the main issue! Call R2-D2 and Robby! It’s robot mania!

Seriously, robots and electric guitars–what more do you want? Run out and buy an R2D2-sized stack of copies today!