Ed Driscoll


THE MOBILE WEB: I have an article in today’s Tech Central Station on 802.11b Wireless Internet. Stop on by there a few hundred times today!

UPDATE: When I wrote the piece on 802.11 for Tech Central Station, I said:

There needs to be either the equivalent of the roaming services that allow a cell phone to be used across the country, or one 802.11 provider needs to step up to be the next AOL or AT&T to provide national, universal coverage. Currently, the typical business user of 802.11 who travels has to have separate accounts and pay for three to five different wireless providers to get anywhere near reasonable coverage while traveling.

As I posted yesterday, the New York Times says that a nationwide 802.11 service may be coming, thanks to a coalition including Intel, IBM, AT&T Wireless and several other wireless and Internet service providers including Verizon Communications and Cingular.

Smart move!