Ed Driscoll

RAF AWARDS: Over the weekend,

RAF AWARDS: Over the weekend, I linked to Sgt. Stryker’s essay on USAF medals and awards and wondered if Group Captain Mandrake would let us know if the RAF works in a similar fashion. He did–just click on over to read it. Here’s one highlight:

The first thing to understand is that even a long-serving, been in action everywhere, UK service man or woman will have far fewer decorations (informally known as gongs over here) than their US counterpart. We simply don’t have as many as the US does. This, I suspect, is related to the fact that the average Brit. doesn’t like to blow their own trumpet. Left to our own devices, we would prefer to hide the fact that we even have a trumpet!

Fill in your own punchline here–modesty and good taste (cough) prevents me from commenting on the state of British trumpethood….