Ed Driscoll


NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE: I’ve long wondered what transformed Richard Nixon from a staunch cold-warrior in the 1950s to a paranoid, liberal big government president in the 1970s. Virginia Postrel, on her Weblog, The Scene may have found the answer:

Is it just me, or is this very odd? From the NYT announcement that Rick Berke is the new Washington editor: “[A]s editor of the high school newspaper, he and a co-author wrote an article disclosing that in 1959, Richard M. Nixon, then vice president, was exposed to microwave radiation beamed at the United States Embassy in Moscow when he was staying there for the ‘kitchen debates’ with Nikita S. Khrushchev.” And the point of that high school article was what exactly? (NYT piece via Andrew Sullivan.)

See kids, mom was right–never run the microwave with the door open…