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UNEDUCATED=POOR. Joanne Jacobs says that

UNEDUCATED=POOR. Joanne Jacobs says that the Public Policy Institute of California is, like Claude Reigns in Casablanca, shocked, shocked! to discover that less education on average, leads to less income! She writes, on her Readjacobs Weblog:

Stop the presses! Or the electrons, or whatever. Mexican-American households earn 40 percent less than non-Hispanic whites because they’re less educated, says a Public Policy Institute of California report. What’s interesting is that more education leads to more earnings for second-generation Mexican-Americans, but not for the third generation, which has even more access to schooling.

Immigration experts and community groups say Mexican-American children often must attend schools that lack up-to-date textbooks, credentialed teachers and access to computers, hampering the group from improving its lot as quickly as previous waves of immigrants.

Did the second generation get better schools than the third? I don’t think so. Something else is going on here that has more to do with culture than number of computers in school.

As to what, stop by her site, where Joanne does a great job of exposing what’s keeping kids from succeeding.

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