Ed Driscoll


ATHLETES AS WUSSES. Right after 9/11, when it was obvious that whenever airline flights resumed, they’d be at their safest, both due to airlines and (especially) passenger concerns, a number of NFL superstars expressed their fears about flying. I remember Vinny Testaverde of (ironically) the New York Jets, but there were several others. Here’s the latest, running back Ricky Watters, who’s debating continuing his career after being released by the Seahawks. But here’s the kicker, from ESPN.com:

One factor in his decision-making is it has been difficult for Watters to fly on commercial airlines after the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks on the United States. Colts halfback Edgerrin James has also been a less frequent air traveler since them.

At least six teams have shown an interest in signing Watters, but trying to get him to make a visit hasn’t been easy. At one point, he asked for a private jet to take him to a team. It wasn’t because he was trying to be extreme in demands. The reason for the concerns is flying on a commercial airline in an age of terrorism and high security.

Ricky, you may be an incredible athlete on the field, but you’re a wuss in real life.