Ed Driscoll


HERE COMES THE SPIDER-MAAAAAAN!!!! James Lileks has a sneak preview of what to expect from Spider-Man, The Movie, and a flashback to growing up in the Marvel universe. I was more of a DC kind of guy (Batman was my hero), but I’ll definitely be looking forward to “Spider-man”. However, I agree with Lileks when he says:

The movie looks good in previews. But: the idea that Spidey shoots webs out of his veins, rather than mechanical devices he built himself, is stupid and wrong. Peter Parker was a science geek. He was smart. Sure, he had a variety of arachnid-based powers, but without his own inventive skill, he would have been nothing. His ability to shoot webs and swing from parapet to flagpole was dependent on his intellectual prowess, and without that invention he would have had nothing more than the ability to know when the pizza guy was here before he rang the doorbell. My Spidey-sense tells me that Domino