Ed Driscoll


CONSERVATIVES MORE SUPPORTIVE OF ISRAEL THAN LIBERALS: Christopher Cross links to a Gallup Poll that says “Republicans, Conservatives More Supportive of Israelis than Democrats, Liberals”–and as Cross says, “To repeat: Pat Buchanan is neither Republican nor Conservative.”

This poll (a) isn’t very surprising and (b) sort of reminds me of an article that ran a couple a years ago in National Review Online about how, despite the definitions implied in their names, liberalism has become a blocking force–seeking to do little more than consolidate and maintain the status quo of the New Deal and Great Society. Meanwhile conservatism has become much more dynamic and open to new ideas (like…protecting fellow democracies!).

It’s been fascinating reading about the anti-Israel bias in the New York Times. My wife, whose mother lives in Manhattan and has the microchip implanted in her that makes her believe everything she reads in the Times (and the New Yorker) has told me that her mother occasionally regurgitates that stuff. Which is even more ironic considering her late husband knew David ‘Mickey’ Marcus when he was helping to found Israel.