Ed Driscoll


PALO ALTO: AN 802.11 HOTZONE. Just got off the phone with Arturo Pereyra, co-founder and general manager of WiFi Metro, which has recently created an 802.11 “HotZone” in Palo Alto, California (about a half hour from Ed HQ here in San Jose). According to Silicon Valley Business Ink:

The main area of coverage in Palo Alto runs along University Avenue from the CalTrain station on Alma Street to Ramona Street on the eastern end, extending at least one block deep on either side of University Avenue. Anyone with a WiFi Metro subscription and an 802.11b networking card plugged into his or her laptop can logon within those boundaries.

For a map of that area, check out this page from WiFi Metro’s own site. Now, just about any restaurant, or the local Borders, can be a “third place”, complete with Internet access.

Can’t wait to try it out myself!