YET ANOTHER REASON TO LIKE WAL-MART: Like Jonah Goldberg, I used to be a real anti-Wal-Mart snob. I thought of it as being only for folks who drink Yoo-Hoo and Mountain Dew and buy clothes made of materials to be found nowhere in nature. And yet, the more I began to read about them, the more I began to like them–a lot. (I think it all changed when I was shopping with my wife for party supplies this fall, and found Citizen Kane on DVD there, about a day or two after it was released).


Shiloh Butcher, on her Dropscan Digest blog has another reason to like them:

Unlike many other large corporations, Wal-Mart no longer automatically settles to avoid the cost of further litigation. This strategy is one of the ways they keep their prices so low. Every year, thousands of people attempt to better their financial situation by suing their local Wal-Mart, often turning to lawyers who specialize in suing Sam. To combat this legal onslaught, the ‘Mart aggressively fights those who would bleed them with torts and they usually win. If more corporations would follow their lead, there wouldn’t be such a need for tort reform.

The USA Today article makes an interesting comparison in this paragraph:

Wal-Mart, which promotes itself as a down-home friendly business, is helping change the nature of corporate litigation by aggressively fighting many cases even when it would be cheaper for the company to settle, analysts say.


Why are the two incompatible? Isn’t Wal-Mart also being friendly to its customers by keeping prices down by not knuckling under to lawsuits?


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