Ed Driscoll


A while back, I mentioned Black Hawk Down, and that it would be coming out on DVD. Here are the details, from The Digital Bits:

We’ve gotten details on Columbia TriStar’s Black Hawk Down DVD (street date 6/11). The initial release will be basically a movie-only edition, including anamorphic widescreen video, Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, an On the Set featurette, theatrical trailers and filmographies (SRP $27.96). Fans of the film may want to hold off however, as a more elaborate special edition version of the film on DVD is already in the works for late in the year or early next year. You’ll get audio commentaries and lots more if your patient. Just FYI.

Columbia TriStar’s DVD release strategy these days seems to follow this pattern – a standard edition initial release, followed by a special edition later and eventually a SuperBit or SuperBit Deluxe release for some select titles. And that would be fine… if they told you they were doing it so you could wait for the version you want, rather than buying multiple versions of the same film on DVD. Is it driving anyone else crazy?