Ed Driscoll

802.11 UPDATE: Good article in

802.11 UPDATE: Good article in Forbes.com, called “The Great Wi-Fi Hope”, picking up the 802.11 and Starbucks theme we mentioned here yesterday. (Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for mentioning us today on Instapundit!) Forbes says:

The Wi-fi wave has already linked up an estimated 10 million laptops, Palm handhelds and other gadgets in hundreds of small, extremely local wireless networks. Some of these are commercial–one firm put them in several hundred Starbucks coffee shops. Many others are “freenets,” access points provided gratis by 802.11 devotees who are, in essence, seeding the business. Mesh enough of these networks together and you have a mini-Net free of the phone and cable monopolies that control the “last mile” of wiring into your house. That’s why 802 threatens them the most.