HOW TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT YOUR FORMER EMPLOYER: Michael Lewis (who wrote Liar’s Poker, one of the very best) tells all. Found via, here’s a sample of Lewis’s advice:


If you don’t want to actually write your book yourself — if you’re just hoping to be paid for dealing some inside dope — it’s unlikely what you have to say, or think you have to say, will make for an enjoyable reading experience.

Oddly enough, many of the Old Enronians who hope to tell their story are in exactly this position. They simply want money for what they saw and heard, and perhaps a bit of literary celebrity to go along with it. It doesn’t occur to them that the primacy of their economic motives is what got them — or, at any rate, their evil former employers — into trouble in the first place.

5) If before you write a word of your story you are writing to people for advice about how to get started, forget about it. It’s time to find another real job.


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