Ed Driscoll


802.11 WIRELESS NETWORKING BLOG: As I posted on March 14, I’m a huge fan of wireless computer networking and Internet access. Turnkey Networking is a good looking blog full of 802.11b wireless networking news. Here’s one item:

First wireless movie theater? It’s not what you think: the Austin Wireless Group announced today that the Alamo DraftHouse Movie Theater at 2700 W. Anderson Ln. in North Austin, Texas, has full Wi-Fi access….From the press release: Typical theaters may not work well for this concept, but the Alamo DraftHouse has table seating for movie goers, so they can order drinks and food while watching the movie. So Internet use would not add anything more to the tolerated commotion that already exists with wait staff taking and delivering orders to the crowd. The group invites all comers on March 25th for Revolution OS.