Ed Driscoll


LIVE BY POLITICAL CORRECTNESS/DIE BY POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: I didn’t watch the Oscars last night (my wife, “Group Capt. Mandrake“, and another friend and I went to see “Black Hawk Down” before it left the theaters again (I had seen it before, during my “PB” (pre-blog) period) but I’m glad to see Halle Barry and Denzel Washington win–they’re both fine actors, who’ve built solid careers in Hollywood. But I wonder if we’ll ever see the day that race isn’t an issue in Hollywood. (I’m not holding my breath.)

In the meantime, James Chen (by way of Instapundit), writes that Hollywood hasn’t done a very good job of respecting Asian actors:

Why don’t we ever hear about how Hollywood portrays and treats Asian-American actors and actresses? Can you imagine the crappy roles and stereotypes that Asian-American actors have had to endure through the years–even to this day? Sure, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon won a few awards last year, but that movie featured non-American performers and was made and produced outside of this country. Asian-American actors and actresses almost never get lead roles in feature films, and if they do, it’s usually time for them to either sign-up for karate lessons or apply the dragon lady make-up. And don’t get me started about The Joy Luck Club.

Of course, if you live by this kind of political correctness, you die by it as well. By making such a big deal about race, Hollywood now faces the wrath of every minority. By the way, my take on “Black Hawk Down”, and the very divergent reactions of my friends is coming later today. Meanwhile, Capt. Mandrake sees how it stacks up to When We Were Soldiers.