Ed Driscoll


PROFILE OF MY WIFE AND I: I was literally in the process of scanning this article, which I wrote for House of Business magazine in the fall of 2000, (now known as Broadband House), when I discovered that my wife’s “virtual assistant”, Terri Lee Romine, already has it scanned on her Web site. This is a pretty good look at the technology inside our home, that drives our two home offices. And Terri does a terrific job of assisting my wife in her legal practice, even though they’re located 350-odd miles apart.

We’ve updated much of the technology featured in that article–we’re on Windows 2000 now for the most part (a couple of PCs still have 98, and my main PC is 98/2000 dual boot), and we’ve also installed an 802.11b network which makes working all over the house (and outside, on the rear deck) even more flexible, but the general principles–that it’s more than doable to largely run two businesses out of a single home–that’s it’s possible to mix business and pleasure (I often work out of our den, which doubles as a media room), are still very much up-to-date.

By the way, I noticed earlier today that Glenn Reynolds is still writing many of his Instapundit columns on a $400 eMachine. I used a heavily modified eMachine for a number of years (until I gave it to a friend when I bought the Win2000/98 PC that I now use as my primary business computer), and still have another one that’s used in our guest room/study as a spare PC (with a TV card built-in, so guests can watch DirecTV). By the way, to paraphrase Glenn, nice of eMachine to help destroy the digital divide