Ed Driscoll

MORE ON MOORE: Yesterday, we

MORE ON MOORE: Yesterday, we linked to an Instapundit Michael Moore update. Today, a reader of The Corner on National Review Online took offense at Moore’s alleged nasty behavior, as reported in yesterday’s San Diego Union-Tribune, and, according “The Corner”:

wrote Moore to complain about it, calling himself a “former fan.” Former Fan forwarded me the e-mail he received from Moore ([email protected]), reproduced here verbatim (except for the profanity): dear former fan, glad you are former! ‘casue i don’t need any fans who would believe that scummy anti-union paper! that pr–k who wrote that column is best friends with the guy who was married to my sister and abandonned her and the two kids there in san diego. so f–k him, f–k you. everything he wrote was a lie, and i plan on taking action. mike