911 Dispatcher: Slain Cops 'Deserved It,' Reports NY Daily News

“EXCLUSIVE: 911 operators made ‘anti-police’ remarks, causing quarrel with FDNY dispatchers as 2 NYPD cops were dying,” sources tell the New York Daily News:


A war of words erupted in the city’s 911 call center Saturday over allegations two operators made “anti-police” remarks after the assassinations of two cops, the Daily News has learned.

The fracas occurred when news broke that Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu had been shot execution-style by a deranged gunman, sources said.

The remarks were allegedly made by a couple of the 911 operators who handle NYPD calls — and two Fire Department dispatchers in earshot got heated in response, sources said.

The alleged comment that created the most friction was when one said the cops had “deserved it,” said a law enforcement source.

Even if a Republican wins the White House in 2016, good luck resetting an out of control American culture if the rot on the left is this deep and systemic. And in the meantime, linking to the above article, Ace writes, “It’s hard to claim this is all just a Few Bad Apples when you have 911 operators rooting on the murders even as the cops are bleeding out in the streets.”


And as Moe Lane adds in a post on “Black Bloc” cop-hating anarchists infecting Ferguson and other protests, “the murder of two cops was not a function of a failure of the system.  It is a function of the system.  And it was the more mainstream Left’s job to keep these… people… under control.  But apparently nobody on the Left actually knows how to do something like that.”


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