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This is an earthquake. House majority leaders have been defeated in general elections on rare occasions, but in a primary? I doubt that it has ever happened. But this result is not entirely out of the blue: I have been getting emails about this race on pretty much a daily basis. Cantor’s defeat is all about immigration. A vast gulf has opened up between certain Republican leaders, like Cantor and Paul Ryan, who seemingly are doing the bidding of corporate interests that would like to drive down wages, and the Republican rank and file. Open borders is a disastrous policy, as we are seeing daily with the current influx of tens of thousands of Central American mothers and children, drawn by rumors of an Obama administration amnesty. Importing tens of millions of new low-wage workers will also be a disaster for everyone whose bottom line won’t be enhanced by lower labor costs. Cantor’s defeat is a wake-up call for all Republicans–and, hey, Democrats too–who would put narrow political advantage above the national interest.


—John Hinderaker at Power Line: “Eric Cantor Defeated — Amnesty Suspected.”

Related: Plenty of interesting comments on Cantor’s defeat at Instapundit, including this:

If this election was two weeks ago, Cantor wins, handily.

Obama’s policies, which instigated this surge in child immigration making the news, was like tossing Cantor a 500 lb lead life preserver.

Obama destroyed his own long term plan, for a modest gain.

Read the whole thing.™


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