Golden Slumbers

“Beaten Obama turns his back on the world,” Michael Goodwin writes at the New York Post:

The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them. “I feel sorry for Obama,” I said. As my wife looked at me in disbelief, I quickly added a correction. “Well, almost.”

Beset by failures at home and abroad, the president cuts a lonely and sad figure these days. His aura of grief reflects his profound loss.

His worldview crashed headlong into reality, and reality won. Obamaism is dead, may it rest in peace.

That’s sad for him, but hold the tears — his loss is mankind’s hope. If Obama wakes from his utopian visions and faces the truth, there is a fighting chance to reverse America’s slide and keep the peace.


Can Mr. Obama awaken from his moral slumber? This headline from Wayne Allyn Root, who was a classmate of the ‘Bam Who Would be King thirty years ago doesn’t sound promising: “Obama Hasn’t Changed Since Columbia University.”

Why should we hope for change from the president at this late date?

(Via JWF.)


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